Cattery Care & Enrichment

Ensure every cat at the HCSPCA gets the love and TLC they deserve! Cattery Care volunteers are to help make sure each room is spotless and all the cats are ready to meet adopters! Cattery Care volunteers are also trained to help us watch for any signs something is off in our cat rooms (from ringworm to personality clashes) to help ensure every cat is happy and healthy! As part of this program Volunteers can choose to learn Cat Pawsitive behavior training, to help teach out cats fun behaviors such as shake, sit, spin, come when called and more! Helping teach the cats these behaviors not only helps enrich the cats day to day lives, but also makes them more appealing to adopters.

Requirements: Age: 14+ (With Parental Assistance), Age 16+ Independently

Training: Working with a trained volunteer or staff member for one or two shifts before volunteering independently. Volunteers must be stable on their feet, and feel comfortable working with cats of all temperament types.