The Washington Center for the Performing Arts

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Mission Statement

The Washington Center for the Performing Arts is the principal performing arts resource for the South Puget Sound region.

The Washington Center’s Principles
We will:

  • deliver diverse, affordable, high-quality performing arts programs;
  • support the artistic interests of performing arts groups within the region;
  • promote performing arts education in the south Puget Sound region for all age groups;
  • maintain fair and equitable community access to the Washington Center Performing Arts facility;
  • provide a well-maintained and contemporary performance center that is responsive to needs of audience and performer comfort, safety, and access;
  • operate in a fiscally responsible manner and form supportive partnerships with government, corporations, businesses, foundations, and individuals;
  • foster economic vitality, tourism and local development in the south Puget Sound region, and;
  • provide opportunities for staff to develop to their full personal and professional potential.