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JANUARY Video from Angela, Volunteer Manager: https://youtu.be/ImvSIcBzhBw

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https://youtu.be/V5sRdDRJ11M HOURS tab

https://youtu.be/zrS6kXUgVHg SCHEDULE tab

https://youtu.be/c6ZrAv709uc OPPORTUNITIES tab 

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Volunteer Orientation  
For ALL volunteers (current and new) if you haven't attended one yet, please sign up for one!  

Sign up for AUTOMATIC email reminders!  Go to "My Profile" tab and Contact Information.  On the right side there is a box to "subscribe" to email reminders!  You only need to set this up once.

3 step SIGN UP process:

1. You let me know you are interested in an activity by going to the Opportunities Tab and click on what you want.

2. I get an email saying you are interested.  I then assign people to the different roles.  This may take a day to a few weeks depending on how soon it is to occur.

3. After I assign you, you will see it on your Schedule Tab. You may not be assigned if we have enough volunteers.

Thanks for all you do at Hagley!!! 

Volunteer Login Page – sign up, see your schedule, add hours, correct your info, and more!


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How do you prefer communication?  What will you really see/read/watch? Please "sign up" for the one(s) you use regularly.  I'm trying to determine the best way to communicate with everyone.  

Activity Shifts Start End
Do you read/watch the messages I send out every time? 1
Do you read/watch the messages I send out not many times? 1
Do you read/watch the messages I send out sometimes? 1
Do you use Facebook? "sign up" if Yes! 1
Do you use other Social Media? Instagram? Pinterest? Other? If yes, sign up and email Angela with what you use. 1
How do you prefer communication? Email? 1
How do you prefer communication? Other? Please let Angela know what it is via email/phone call. 1
How do you prefer communication? Paper mailings? 1
How do you prefer communication? Phone Call? 1
How do you prefer communication? Text? If ok, please fill in mobile email on profile page. 1
How do you prefer communication? Video link via youtube? 1

Training, Orientation, Parties & LEGOs for Volunteers

Activity Shifts Start End
LEGOs: Learning Engaging Gathering Opportunities 6 2/13/2018 10/13/2018
Volunteer Orientation 14 1/23/2018 11/10/2018

Mission Statement

Vision: To be a place where innovation inspires and imaginations run wild.

Mission: At Hagley, we invite people of all ages to investigate and experience the unfolding history of American business, technology, and innovation, and its impact on the world, from our home at the historic DuPont powder yards on the banks of the Brandywine. 

Volunteer Purpose: Volunteers of all ages play an integral part in fulfilling the mission of Hagley. They provide support, expertise, time, experience, ideas, and energy enabling projects and tasks to be accomplished that would not be possible without the volunteers.  Volunteers work side-by-side with staff and learn from the collections, and the experiences they have with visitors at Hagley.