Trail and/or River Ambassador

Trail and River Ambassador

Trail and River Ambassadors assist staff in providing information to visitors of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.  Ambassadors are well trained and know the rules and policies of the KVR, are well versed on the rich history of the Kickapoo Valley and are able to provide quality assistance and stewardship to the public out on the property.  Trail and River Ambassadors are not enforcement and do not perform enforcement duties.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO VOLUNTEERS:  Each volunteer is required to have a current year volunteer agreement on file.  If you do not have the agreement on file, you will receive an error message that says "You are not qualified for this activity" when you try to sign up to volunteer for an activity.  Please go ahead and sign up for the volunteer opportunity that you are interested in and make sure you take steps to have a current Volunteer on file with the KVR prior to the scheduled volunteering opportunity. 

The Volunteer Agreement can be found here VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions.