Disaster/Storm Reconnaissance & Cleanup

It happens, storms and devastating natural disasters fall within the Kickapoo Valley.  Clean up takes time and volunteer efforts are instrumental in getting things "back to normal" after such an event.  

Disaster and Storm Reconnaissance on the KVR is unfortunately necessary from time to time. Flooding in the Kickapoo Valley is common and affect the recreation opportunities. During spring thaws and after heavy rains, the Kickapoo River is known to rapidly go above flood stage ("Flash Flood"). At times, flood waters cover road and bridge surfaces. Windstorms require trail recon to check for down trees and hazards. During these times KVR does put out calls to volunteers to assist in checking and reporting damage that may have occurred within the KVR property.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO VOLUNTEERS:  Each volunteer is required to have a current year volunteer agreement on file.  If you do not have the agreement on file, you will receive an error message that says "You are not qualified for this activity" when you try to sign up to volunteer for an activity.  Please go ahead and sign up for the volunteer opportunity that you are interested in and make sure you take steps to have a current Volunteer on file with the KVR prior to the scheduled volunteering opportunity. 

The Volunteer Agreement can be found here VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions.