Invasive Species Eradication

Unfortunately, invasive plants are also found in the Reserve. Some have abundant populations, such as honeysuckle, wild parsnip, and reed canary grass; others have low (but growing) numbers, such as garlic mustard, spotted knapweed, and purple loosestrife. Through education, volunteers, and use of chemical and mechanical methods, the Reserve is making efforts towards control and eradication of these species.  Volunteers are key in of the control of invasives on the property.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO VOLUNTEERS:  Each volunteer is required to have a current year volunteer agreement on file.  If you do not have the agreement on file, you will receive an error message that says "You are not qualified for this activity" when you try to sign up to volunteer for an activity.  Please go ahead and sign up for the volunteer opportunity that you are interested in and make sure you take steps to have a current Volunteer on file with the KVR prior to the scheduled volunteering opportunity. 

The Volunteer Agreement can be found here VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator with any questions.