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Committee Meetings

The Kickapoo Reserve management board (KRMB) consists of local citizens making decision on the operations and policies of the Reserve. Furthermore, many local citizens attend, express views, and comment on the various KRMB committees.

Activity Shifts Start End
Education and Tourism Committee Meeting 18 8/8/2024 6/10/2027
Land Management Committee Meeting 4 8/13/2024 2/11/2025

Mission Statements

View from Big Valley TrailKickapoo Valley Reserve Mission Statement:

The land in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve shall be protected, preserved, and enhanced so that its unique environmental, scenic, and cultural features provide opportunities for the use and enjoyment of visitors to the Reserve.  The Reserve will be promoted as a unique example of the Driftless Area Ecoregion and as a destination for low-impact tourism and education.


Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve Mission Statement:

The Friends of the Kickapoo Valley Reserve is an organization of people dedicated to assist the Kickapoo Reserve Management Board in its mission to preserve and protect the lands entrusted to the Reserve by raising funds and public awareness, and by providing volunteers for needed projects.



The Kickapoo Reserve Management Board acknowledges that the state and federal lands that comprise the Reserve fall within the ancestral homelands of First Nations people including the Hooçak Nation. We recognize the sovereignty of the Hooçak and other First Nations and will work towards a shared future by continuing to create collaborative opportunities to protect and preserve these lands.