Rehearsal Helpers - Music Instruction Volunteers

Time commitment: 

— 1-2 hours on Mondays, 6-12 hours over the course of the season.

— There are 4 different ensembles and rehearsals (Mrs. Stroud-Watson, Dr. Vest, and Maestro Sandoval) and we would need at least 1 person per room.

  • Prelude is from 4:45-5:45.

  • Etude is from 6:15-7:45.

  • Philharmonic is from 5:30-7:30.

  • Symphony is from 6:00-8:30.



— An intermediate to advanced musical knowledge.

— Preferred: Education and experience in teaching music. 

— The ability to work with students of varying ages and of different instruments.

— Basic classroom management and conflict resolution skills.

— The ability to take instruction from conductors and work with student leadership and CYS musicians on specific musical concepts and techniques in a rehearsal and a sectional setting.


  • Working side by side with the conductors in the rehearsal rooms to give feedback to musicians during rehearsal, as well as providing feedback to the conductors outside of rehearsal.

  • Pulling out sections for individual sectionals as requested by the conductors.

    • Mr. Esposito will assign you to a classroom and you will help the students transition there and back, ensuring the students bring their instruments, music, pencil, and stands.

    • During the sectional you will be responsible for the following (with guidance from the conductors):

      • Working with the students on specific musical passages that the conductor designates.

      • Working with students on general musical concepts such as pitch, tone, rhythms, articulations, instrument specific techniques, etc…

      • Working with student leaders and principals to give them the opportunity to lead portions of the sectionals, whenever appropriate.

        • Ex: Symphony principal players and advanced Philharmonic principal players (approved and designated by conductors)

  • Prelude + Etude Specific Volunteers:

    • Violin/String Coach: 

      • Helps tune the instruments before rehearsal 

      • Work with Mrs. Stroud-Watson to help teach the music to the students and give individual student feedback whenever possible. 

      • Pull out students for sectionals at the request of Mrs. Stroud-Watson.

    • Piano Accompanist

      • Play the piano accompaniment parts for the Prelude and Etude orchestra music during rehearsals and concerts. 

      • Work with Mrs. Stroud-Watson on keeping the ensemble together and helping students hear the music or their individual parts.

Schedule Summary

This activity occurs between Monday, August 14, 2023 and Monday, May 06, 2024

  • Monday - All Day