Micro Volunteering



"I have a job which is not related to my interest so, after graduating from Korean studies, without it I’d be lost. That’s why I wanted to volunteer, so I could keep in touch. Volunteering here lets me come back to my past and, maybe, one day will be my future!"

Kamila, Micro Volunteer


Role purpose

Micro Volunteers help with ad-hoc projects for the Museum that require no regular volunteering commitments. These projects could involve social media content creation, blog posts, translation work, proofing, transcribing, data entry, archiving, research or tidying and organising. You can sign up for a micro volunteering opportunity through the Volunteer Newsletter and work remotely or at the Museum depending on the project requirements.

We are looking for volunteers who...

  • Are flexible, keen to get involved and want to help!
  • Have good initiative, attention to detail and organisation skills
  • Are happy to work by themselves, either remotely or at the Museum
  • Have skills that they wish to share or develop
  • Enjoy small, bite-sized projects
  • Can offer a small amount of time to the Museum
  • Want to fit volunteering into their lives in a manageable way

Why you might enjoy this role...

You will be able to develop your skill set and support the Museum in small but important ways. You will also be able to get involved in other ways, such as attending learning opportunities like exhibition briefings and Volunteer Sharing Sessions. As a volunteer you will benefit from free entry to the Museum, 10% discount in the Shop, discounted entry to workshops and events, social volunteer events and more!

How to get involved

This role is open to individuals aged 18 years or over. You can register your interest with the Volunteer Coordinator or apply online. Prior to joining the team, applicants are invited for an induction session with the Volunteer Coordinator to introduce you to the Museum and get you set up with the online Volunteer Portal. Micro Volunteers are supervised by the Membership & Volunteer Coordinator, who is there to support you and deal with any questions or concerns.

Availability and schedule 

Micro volunteer opportunities are flexible to your availability and schedule, either remotely or during Museum open hours, as arranged with the Volunteer Coordinator.