Welcome to Youth Central!

Welcome to Youth Central! We provide youth (12-18 years of age or still in high school) in Calgary with volunteer and leadership opportunities. Have a question before you sign up? Send us an email, info@youthcentral.com or give us a call, 403-266-5448.

Our Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) program offers group based volunteer opportunities across Calgary for youth ages 12-18, which allows youth to gain experience in a number of different organizations, allowing youth to find out what they are passionate about and what kind of volunteering they enjoy.

Each year we have over 700 volunteer opportunities with approximately 100 different charities and organizations. The best thing about the program is that our opportunities are group based, so youth will meet other youth from across Calgary and all of our opportunities are led by a Youth Central Team Leader, who are positive role models and University aged students who lead the project, are trained in First Aid and CPR, have their police background check, etc.. This ensures that our projects are safe and that the first volunteer experience for someone isn't one where they are stuck alone without much direction. 

Our agency partners that have requested our youth volunteers set the age restrictions for projects (i.e. 14 and up or 12 and up). All of our volunteer projects begin with an icebreaker activity led by our Youth Central Team Leader to encourage everyone to get to know each other. All activities end with a reflection activity where we discuss the impact our volunteering made.

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Mission Statement

We provide a welcoming and safe environment that is driven by youth. We value meaningful and equal engagement between youth and staff, where individual strengths, ideas and opinions are respected and encouraged. We emphasize innovative programming approaches that prioritize teamwork, creativity, community connection and critical reflection. We believe youth should volunteer and be involved in social change efforts in all levels of community.


MISSION: Empowering youth to find and build their communities.


VISION: All youth participate in shaping a vibrant community. 



  • We believe that youth are awesome!

  • We honour the power of the youth voice and the importance of youth in our society.

  • We value a community in which all youth are respected and encouraged to be active citizens.

  • We value the diversity, skills, creativity and talents of our volunteers, participants and staff.

  • We value community partnerships that align with our vision and mission.

We prioritize the wellbeing of our youth volunteers in everything that we do. And most of what we do is centered around community service. We encourage and support youth as they develop their passion for community building while strengthening themselves personally.