Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee

Antimicrobial Stewardship Committee

The role of the committee is to
- Oversee the AMS service
- Review the antibiotic restriction system which limits certain antibiotics to use by infectious diseases specialists
- Promote appropriate antibiotic use
- Monitor the use of antibiotics and antibiotic resistance

Meeting frequency/day/time/length: (meetings are virtual via Teams)
Quarterly, on a Friday afternoon, from 2-3pm –TBC (1 hour)
Tentative meeting dates 2023:
-16 or 23 June
-22 or 29 Sep
-8 Dec

To apply for this voluntary role, fill in the application form found on this page.

Additional information:

The successful applicant will need to join the Monash Health Consumer Advisor program and meet all eligibility requirements.
For further information about the Consumer Advisor program refer to the Monash Health website or contact Consumer Partnerships on