MULLET HAUL 5K & 10K TRAIL RUN @MULLET HALL EQUESTRIAN CENTER(Johns Island County Park) - Course Monitors & Water Stations

Help keep the racers hydrated and heading in the right direction.

Volunteers general responsibilities include

  • Keeping the racers hydrated along the course
  • Make noise, cheer for racers while on course
  • Guide racers to stay on course
  • Assisting with directions at transitional areas
  • Greeting racers at the end of their journey

Volunteer specific responsibilities include

  • Water Stations. Set up station, hand out water, cheer runners, put out cones, cleaning up litter, tearing down station.
  • Course Monitors. Ensure that only registered participants are running, direct vehicle or pedestrian traffic around runners, set up cones and/or signs, cheer runners, guide runners in correct direction.

May also be asked to help with

  • Cutting zip ties
  • Rolling soft fencing
  • Pulling posts
  • Taking apart bike racks
  • Collecting course signage
  • Loading equipment back into trailers
  • Breaking down 16 X 16 tent


Qualifications Required

  • Background Check
  • Able to stand and/or walk for long periods of time Must be at least Yes
  • Age range Must be at least 13 or older
  • How much weight can you lift safely and comfortably? Must be at least 20 pounds or more
  • Willing to get wet and/or dirty Must be at least Yes