Memory Care Escort/Companion

Our memory care residents enjoy attending musical events outside of the designated memory care floor of our building.

Our "Escorts" work closely with Croixdale staff to help memory care residents safely attend:

  • Monthly Birthday Parties (usually the third Tuesday afternoon each month) and
  • Other musical events in the Community Room (two Friday afternoons each month.)
  • Other various special events.
  • While Croixdale staff will always be available, 'Escorts' helps us tremendously to have volunteers assist while we walk down as a group. We also ask our 'Escorts' to sit with the memory care residents to help keep extra eyes on them for their safety. (Staff often has to jump up and help serve snacks or walk a resident back to the memory care.) Plus, our residents really enjoy your company!
  • Religious Services

This is super easy and rewarding, plus you'll get to enjoy some fun entertainment.