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Sense Holidays Volunteering

Sense Holidays wouldn't be possible without our fantastic volunteers! As a volunteer you will be supporting a child, young person or adult as they try new things, make new connections, create memories and have fun! You'll be part of a team making sure each break is the very best experience it can be for everyone involved.

Keeping everyone on our holidays safe is a priority - we will make adjustments to reflect the government coronavirus guidance in place at the time of the holiday. Volunteers are integral to our holidays and we are committed to our volunteers having a fulfilling experience; making a real difference to you as a volunteer, and also to our holidaymakers.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering on our holidays, and we look forward to receiving your application! 

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Sense Holidays

Sense Holidays are about bringing people together for holidays full of fun, friendship and new experiences

Sense Holidays are for groups of disabled children, young people and adults who are deafblind, have multi-sensory impairments or other complex communication needs.

Each holiday experience is unique as they are planned around the needs and interests of the holidaymakers - whether that be baking cakes, enjoying a sensory walk or facing a huge rollercoaster, there's something for everyone!