Propogation Seed Nursery

We currently have volunteer positions available in the Nature Conservation Nursery at our Field Operations Centre (Seaford Meadows). We are looking for people who are passionate about plant propogation, with some spare time.


The Nature Conservation Nursery specialises in growing local native seedlings for Council’s conservation reserves, and mature plants for reserves and street trees.  


The nursery started operating in 2010. With the help of volunteers we have been able to increase our ability to grow more than 50,000 seedlings per year, using a variety of treatment methods. We are now successfully propagating more than 100 different species, including some rare and uncommon understorey plants.


The nursery operational hours are weekdays, 7am-4pm. You can work for a maximum of 15 hours per week.  Vacancies currently exist on Tuesday, Wednesday and/or Thursday.



Key tasks for volunteers include:

  • Assist in the collection, cleaning, storage and cataloguing of native seeds within nursery seed bank.
  • Assist with native plant propagation activities including sowing seed or cuttings, pricking out and potting up, watering and fertilising seedlings when required.
  • Assist with production and maintenance of tree seedlings and advanced specimens for use as street trees.
  • Assist with the maintenance of the nursery infrastructure and equipment to ensure hygienic conditions are maintained and the work space is clean and functional.
  • Assist with record keeping activities relating the supply and delivery of native seedlings to their final destinations and the management of the seed bank.

Benefits of volunteer nursery role include:

  • Opportunity to gain native plant propagation and nursery maintenance skills.
  • Access to training and personal development opportunities in the field of native vegetation management.
  • Meeting and working with people who share a passion for supporting the conservation of native flora and fauna in this region.