1. Visitor Welcome - Welcome Ambassador Volunteers - Interest list



Some of these activities will not start for a few months.  However, if you are interested in being a Welcome Ambassador Volunteers, then please sign up.

This will enable staff to see who is interested and we will be in contact with you as soon as we have further details of the exact activities and timings.


As a part of the project the museum is going to build a team of Welcome Ambassador Volunteer with a specific focus on creating a warm and inclusive welcome for visitors supporting engagement at targeted events and activities on and off site and providing an active and caring welcome for all general visitors at the museum, act as front of house interpreters at busier times to offer additional information and enhance visitors’ experiences at the museum. Visitor Welcome Volunteer will play an important part in inspiring the public through their friendly and engaging interactions with them.

The volunteer role as a Welcome Ambassador Volunteer you will play a central role in helping people engage with, enjoy and be inspired by the museum.

The kind of activities you might be involved in could include:

 Welcoming the public and engaging them in the collections and stories of the museum to enhance their experience as visitors and participants.

 Supporting visitors in getting the most from the museum’s displays and activities.

 Assisting with project programmes, education sessions and holiday activities.

 Supporting outreach events off site to promote the museum.

 Proactively offering information on the museum’s story, promoting upcoming events and signposting other ways visitors can get more actively involved.

 Talking to visitors about the Our Museum and positively promoting the museum’s transformation.

 Recording visitor and participant numbers and carrying out surveys and evaluation.

 Reporting any serious issues, concerns, accidents and emergencies promptly.

 Recording personal hours of volunteering and passing these on to the museum team.

 Taking part in access and inclusion training and championing an inclusive approach in all work.

 Depending on the interests, skills and availability of applicants there will also be opportunities to take part in specialist audience inclusion training in relation to meeting the needs of SEN and visually impaired visitors The support you’ll give us as a volunteer is of huge benefit to the project, and in turn we aim to make sure that you enjoy a valuable and memorable experience. 

Important information about volunteering at Poole Museum

 Welcome Ambassador Volunteer will work on and off site as part of the Museum on the Move, supporting project activities and in new museum spaces once re-opened.

 The role will include some weekend shifts and shifts in school holiday periods.