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Why volunteer with us? An overview on the Community Outreach and Museum on the Move activity.

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If you are unsure regarding any of this, then please email Lorenda; poolemuseumvolunteers@bcpcouncil.gov.uk or send me a text/leave a message on 07780152010.


Location, Activity Dates and times: (this list will be added to as more activities are arranged and you will be notified by email when this happens).


This programme is reaching out to many different parts of our community and as a guide I have colour coded the various activities that will be happening and where I would love to have your support.  They include   

  • Community Event - below are listed the events in these two strands of Museum on the Move




Staff lead 


Audience Focus


Minimum no. of volunteers needed

13th February

Community Event

10.00 to 11.00 TBC

Erni, Joe & Gillian

Poole Library


Setting Sail

1 or 2


15th February

Community Event

10.30 to 11.30

Erni & Gillian

Canford Heath Library


Setting Sail

1 or 2

15th February

Community Event

14.00 to 15.00

Erni & Gillian

West Howe Library


Setting Sail

1 or 2

28th March

Community Event

10.30 to TBC

Erni & Jacqui

Tuckton Library


Maritime Archaeology



As part of our Community Outreach and Museum on the Move programming, whilst the museum is closed for redevelopment.  We shall be looking for volunteers to support activities over the next 18 months.  

They will be led by our Community Curator Erni Pelham and our Learning Team, Louise Diffey and Gillian Menhinick and other members of staff.  

Role Description:

Outreach volunteers will form part of Poole Museum’s Community Engagement team to carry out museum-related activities with two sections of the community: 1) Families with young children as well as 2) Adults and Older People together with supporting our Creatives in the Community.  These are existing organisation who with our support have created activities around the themes of the new museum displays.

As a Museum Ambassador, you will assist the outreach team to engage people using some of the museum’s handling (but sometimes also curatorial) collection to elicit stories about their lived experiences in Poole, their aspirations for the museum and most important of all, allow them to have fun with museum objects and stories. You will also be involved in capturing evaluation which is done through observations and simple questionnaires.

What we can offer you? 

Volunteering with us on the road is a chance to gain engagement experience and confidence by conducting activities linking to the new museum spaces once we have reopened. There is a chance to also co-curate some of our outreach activities together with the Community Engagement team and learn/impart skills with each other.

This is also a chance to meet new people, learn about evaluation and EDI (equality, diversity and inclusion) tools in the museum while also having hands-on experience of concept-testing activities and interactives which forms part of a museum’s redevelopment planning.

If you’d like to be involved in any of the outreach activities but aren’t confident about speaking to people and/or interacting with young audiences, you can still volunteer to assist with evaluation collection and/or photo-taking.  

Skills/Qualifications/Experience needed if any?  (If the volunteer is under 18 years supervision will be always required.  A buddy system may be suitable so please enquire with Lorenda Elliott)

All volunteers welcome and no previous experience is necessary.  If you have any additional requirements then please let Lorenda know.

What level of fitness is required? 

There will be some lifting of boxes (e.g sand trays) and squatting to a child’s level for some of the activities. However, a chair can be provided.

Are accessible facilities available at the venue?

If you have any personal requirements then please do not hesitate to let Lorenda know and we shall endeavour to make accommodations to the role, to enable you to participate in this activity. 

For mobility access, please enquire with the libraries directly for more info.

Bayside Academy and The Potteries have accessible toilets and facilities.

Is there a dress code/uniform?:

You will be issued with a Poole Museum Volunteer badge and lanyard.  Bring sunscreen/a hat for outdoor sessions


A copy of the Why volunteer with us? An overview on the Community Outreach and Museum on the Move activity is also available under Profile - files.



I would be grateful if you would take a few minutes to check that you have fully completed your MyImpactPage profile.  I have recently added some new questions about demographics.  Although these are commonly asked and a bit of a nuisance, it help us understand who our volunteers are.   Part of the NLHF programme is to reach parts of the community that are currently underserved by both the museum and volunteering so this information will help us see where we need to be more active in recruiting new volunteers. 










Schedule Summary

This activity has the following schedule

Date Start Time End Time
Thursday, March 28, 2024 10:30 AM 11:30 AM