1. Poole Museum - Poole Park Researcher

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Volunteer Role Title

Poole Park Research Volunteer


Activity Location

Various, including local research centres, Poole Park and working from home   


Number of volunteers required 2-3


Event Description and Volunteer tasks


The tasks for this role are varied, ranging from collecting people’s stories about the park to help build living knowledge for our archives, to very specific information we hope to discover. Including:

  • Greater detail regarding a competition that was held to design Poole Park
  • Information on companies and people involved in the construction of Poole Park
  • Research on existing plants in the putting green, including how they were discovered and who by

This is an opportunity to be part of exciting heritage research project, that will leave an historical archive for park users in many years to come.


Are there disabled/access facilities?

____Poole Park is accessible for all users, other locations may vary________________


Frequency? Various__When required? _Within the period below, to be discussed


Start Date:   Jan 2020 _____________ End Date: _____ Spring 2021___________


Schedule: Times for the opportunity:

Times and dates are to be decided by each volunteer, working to their own schedule



    It would be preferable if you had some experience in historical research and be proficient in using the internet for web based research.

    You do not need prior knowledge of Poole Park and its history or be a specialist in plants, we can help with that!


Physical fitness required



Next Steps


    If you are interested in find out more, then please email Lorenda or Becky - culturevolunteers@bcpcouncil.gov.uk

   or give us a call on 01202 262601 to arrange a meeting with ourselves and Toni Powell - Engagement Officer, BCP Council.