Parkridge Centre

Parkridge Centre is a long term care home which supports the needs of 233 residents in a home like environment.  Our registered volunteers are key to supporting the quality of life programs of our residents, clients, families and staff. 

By completing your online application to volunteer, you are declaring that "The information provided in this application is true and complete. I understand that any false information provided may be cause for denial of a volunteer placement and my volunteer status may be immediately revoked by Parkridge Centre at its own discretion. This information will be used to process my eligibility for a suitable volunteer position.

I authorize the Volunteer Services Department of Parkridge Centre to contact individuals or organizations I have named on this application to obtain further information that would assist with my placement as a volunteer.

The personal information collected by this application form is collected under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and will be used and disclosed by Parkridge Centre for verifying the statements in this application and for determining an appropriate placement as a volunteer."

If you have questions about the collection of your personal information for the above stated purposes, please contact Volunteer Services Parkridge Centre at 306-655-3865 or via email at


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General Interests

Client Companion - PRC

Client Companions (CC)offer friendship, socialization and non-medical support to clients, patients and residents, enabling them to live more happy and fulfilling lives in their community or current setting. CC provide client focused, creative activities that stimulate conversation, interaction and socialization (Ex. listening to and/or telling stories; playing cards/games; reading; walking; letter writing). Your compassionate and loving presence may be all that is needed to make a tremendous difference in someone’s life.

Community Day Program Associate -PRC

Games, crafts, baking, visiting, combined with wonderful, people = super, fantastic fun!! The Parkridge Community Day Program, catering to clients residing in Saskatoon, promotes a philosophy of wellness and independence while enhancing the quality of life for participating individuals. CDP helps to relieve social isolation by providing stimulating, organized activities that encourage recreation, exercise, and social interaction

Computer Program Associate - PRC

Are you a computer whiz? Do you like to play computer games, surf the net, Facebook friends or Tweet on Twitter? So do many of the residents at Parkridge Centre! As a volunteer in this program, you assist the Resident Computer Program Coordinator in facilitating client access to computer programs for the purpose of education, vocation, communication, and recreation. Working directly with the residents one one one, you can teach and assist them with the use of many computer applications in a fun and educational way.

Entertainment - Fun on the Frets Musicians

For all of those musically talented folks our there, this is the volunteer position for you! Volunteers assist in providing musical programming based primarily on acoustic, instrumental music that encourages residents to be participants, to encourage reminiscing and to develop and maintain musical appreciation. Fun on the Frets usually plays weekday mornings. 

Recreation Associate - Aquatics - PRC

Do you like to swim? Enjoy floating in relaxing waters? This may be the volunteer position for you! This program assists residents in achieving relaxation, leisure activity and socialization in the setting of a warm pool. Volunteers do not have to be Michael Phelps (amazing swimmers) to assist with this program. If you feel comfortable in water and are physically able to provide floatation support to the residents you are qualified!

Recreation Associate - Community Outings - PRC

Take in the attractions and activities that Saskatoon has to offer, with a great bunch of folks at Parkridge Centre! Physically able, outgoing, kind and compassionate individuals assist residents on to and out of the Parkridge bus, as well as push wheelchairs, provide an arm assist and simply visit with the residents. If you have a great ability to converse with folks from all walks of life and are able to encourage the residents to engage in conversation as well, outings just may be the fit for you! Outings may include trips to places such as the Mendel Art Gallery, Dutch Growers, Petland, the Western Development Museum, or out on a country drive.

Recreation Associate - Neighbourhood - PRC

Parkridge Centre is comprised of 6 “neighborhoods” in which the residents live. Each neighbourhood has special programming and events catering to the needs and abilities of its residents. As a neighbourhood volunteer you have an incredible opportunity to get to know residents on a personal level and participate in many activities that encourage socialization, laughter and interaction.

Recreation Associate - Pet Visitations - PRC

Do you have a heart for animals and people? Do you have an extremely loveable and well-trained pooch? Pet Visitation may be just the volunteer position for you! Pet visitation is an informal program of pets visiting people in need of companionship. It involves regularly scheduled visits from screened and trained pet-owner teams to elderly, sick and disabled residents of long-term care and acute care facilities. It has been shown that there are many health benefits accompanied by the visit of an animal including the following: Increased physical and social activity, decreased aggressive or hyperactive behaviour, increased ability to deal with feelings of loneliness and isolation, relief of depression and disorientation, improved morale, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect, lowered blood pressure, and reduced stress and anxiety.

Recreation Associate - Pub Nite - PRC

Good times with great people!! Pub night is designed to create an atmosphere that encourages enjoyment, socialization, laughter and relaxation for the residents at Parkridge Centre. Volunteers assist in re-creating past “pub” experiences by preparing the room, serving drinks, assisting the residents with their snacks and drinks and/or simply sitting and visiting with them and enjoying the entertainment. *note – must be of legal drinking age.

Recreation Associate - Weekends and Evenings - PRC

Recreation and leisure are necessary components of life which are essential to the well being of all individuals, regardless of their physical, emotional, or mental condition. Therapeutic Recreation can enhance the lives of the aging and those with disabilities by enabling them to keep as active as possible, stimulating socialization, promoting independence and encouraging them to continue to use the skills and abilities they still retain, rather than focusing on losses. Volunteers enhance programs provided by Therapeutic Recreation within Saskatoon Health Region. There are many worthwhile and rewarding opportunities available.

Special Events/Planners - PRC

Are you an organized planner who thrives on project work and details of event planning? As an indirect service provider, the Special Events/Special Projects Volunteer assists with a particular project or event, or with the development of a new undertaking within Saskatoon Health Region. Some of these volunteer roles can be performed at home, such as knitting lap blankets, or hemming resident pants. Many of these roles provide the opportunity to work in the Volunteer Offices and/or our in the community, interacting with other volunteers and staff members.

Mission Statement

The Volunteer Workforce Department supplements Saskatchewan Health Authority patient care, education, research and community outreach programs by coordinating the services of volunteers.

Vision: Healthiest People, Healthiest Communities, Exceptional Service Mission: We improve health through excellence and innovation in service, education and research, building on the strengths of our people and partnerships.

Values: Respect, Compassion, Excellence, Stewardship, Collaboration