Monthly Riverfly Monitoring

Riverfly Monitoring is an essential way for us to monitor the quality of our rivers. Riverflies are very sensitive to pollution and other changes in the river and are good indicators of its general health.

The Anglers’ Riverfly Monitoring Initiative (ARMI) is a citizen science project that enables trained volunteers, such as anglers and conservationists, to protect river water quality by monitoring eight pollution sensitive invertebrates and complement the work carried out by statutory agency staff across the UK.

A Riverfly Monitor samples a section of river on a monthly basis, in their own time, by undertaking a kick sample and then identifying the various riverflies caught.

This requires you to attend a full day training course. The course covers identification of riverflies and sampling methods.

We run about 2-3 training sessions per year. To see if we have any upcoming session check the Opportunities tab on this website. We also recommend you sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.