Connect - Connect Resources Facilitator



Reports to: Connect Program Director

Status: Volunteer – time required as needed, no set hours


Summary/Objective: A Connect Resource Facilitator is a volunteer who has expertise in a particular area or skill set.  They are available as needed to give advice or steer a resource volunteer who is looking for a particular resource connection.  There may not be any regular hours, but hopefully this person is available by phone, email or text to answer particular questions that may arise and need further explanation.

Essential Functions

  1. Be available for ad-hoc phone calls or emails to assist a resources volunteer with specific questions about a specific issue regarding their area of expertise

  2. Have access to the Resources Database for further information if needed

  3. Contribute to the overall knowledge of their area of expertise in the resources database



  1. Area of expertise

  2. Communication Proficiency

  3. Computer skills, including word processing

  4. Knowledge of other resource


Preferred Experience

  1. Background or education in their area of expertise

  2. Experience in their area