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Art From Ashes

Activity Shifts Start End
Arts & Crafts Programming 130 10/2/2023 12/29/2023
Marketing/Social Media/Website Management 0


Activity Shifts Start End
Connect Program Director 1
Connect Resources Facilitator 1
Senior Resource Support, Gern 400 130 10/2/2023 12/29/2023
YOUConnect Coordinator 130 10/2/2023 12/29/2023
YOUConnect Resource Navigator 130 10/2/2023 12/29/2023

Hearty Foods

Activity Shifts Start End
HeARTy Foods Program Director 1
Thursday Food Distribution, HeARTy Foods 26 10/5/2023 12/28/2023


These programs and activities take place between Oct 1 and Dec 31 annually.

  • CityHeART's Haunted Hub 
  • CityHeART's Turkey Dinner
  • 12 Days of CityHeART
  • Seasonal Friendship Partners
  • Season's CLEANINGS!
Activity Shifts Start End
CityHeART's Haunted Hub 7 10/27/2023 10/30/2023
Seasonal Friendship Partners 195 10/2/2023 12/29/2023


Activity Shifts Start End
CityHeART Intern 1

Veterans Council

Activity Shifts Start End
Veterans Council Program Director 1

Mission Statement

wholeheARTedly loving our city and telling its stories