Edmonton Valley Zoo


A special place that inspires love and learning of animals and nature.


Home to over 350 animals, with a full range of species from different climates and habitats — all here for visitors to discover, learn about and appreciate.



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Events at the Zoo

The Valley Zoo offers its guests special events throughout the year. Get involved to help out at our functions like Family Easter, celebrating spring, Canada Day, Halloween functions, and Zoominesence throughout the winter months. 

These opportunities usually involve crafting assistants, fire pit attendants, science activity helpers, photo booth, and more! 




Valley Zoo Development Society

The Valley Zoo Development Society’s (VZDS) raises funds and promote awareness to ensure the continued development of the Valley Zoo.

This is achieved through the events and various programs that the VZDS runs throughout the year. Currently, there are three fundraising events that the VZDS organizes; Zoofest, ZooBrew and Zoominesence. Programs that the VZDS run include the Adopt an Animal program and Lucy the Elephant Art.

Volunteer Experience Ambassador

The Volunteer Experience Ambassador (VEA) is designed to enhance the visitor experience. The VEA will engage with visitors by providing them with relevant information about the facility (wayfinding, upgrades, closures, “did you know” fun facts, etc…); use short, engaging, relevant and personal interactions to enhance the experience.

At the Valley Zoo, this means sharing content about our animals and inspiring a connection to the environment and conservation. 

  • 18+  (10+ with adult supervision)
  • Friendly & Outgoing
  • Customer Service experience
  • Ability to work independently
  • Educational background including Biology/ Zoology is an asset
  • Complete Police Information Check and successfully pass an interview

Jr. Urban Farmer


Volunteer at the Edmonton Valley Zoo Urban Farm. Volunteers help with cleaning and feeding animals in the Urban Farm, and making sure Zoo guests have a positive interaction with the Farm.

Part of the Leaders in Training Program

  • Ages 13 - 17


How to Get Involved

Volunteer Experience Ambassador  |  Special Events  |  New Projects coming in 2021/2022!

  • Ages 13+
  • If under the age of 16
    • Two written references from a non-related person (A form can be provided for you)
    • No Police Information Check Required
  • Fill in an Application
  • Entry-level positions, such as Special Events, do not require a Police Information Check to volunteer.​ 
  • Complete a Police Information Check. Some positions may also require an interview or reference checks.
  • You will be invited to attend our New Volunteer Orientation
  • Once you have attended a Volunteer Orientation you can log in to MyImpactPage.com and start signing up for opportunities. 
  • Check out all the areas that Community & Recreation Facilities has to offer.


Volunteer Services

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