Shop Day - Shopping Assistant

Currently the Centre offers support with personal care items and to the community, which can be
accessed through Peer Support monthly. Community is eligible to access 2 items per month, for example:  1 shampoo and 1 deodorant. Because of this, often community members are having to wait one hour or more to see a Peer Support Volunteer to access these items.
With our shift in drop-in hours this is also proving to be a busy time and wait period for these items.
To mitigate this, we have decided to shift how personal care items are offered to the community by
having 2 days per week that are dedicated to offering these items. We are calling these days “Shop
When inventory and donations allow it, the community will be able to access one of each item available,
instead of the 2 item per month limit. This would allow for more opportunity for community to receive
items that are needed and would reduce the volunteer time spent during the “choosing” process.
We have begun recruiting new volunteers who are interested in supporting Shop Days by setting up the
tables, sorting donations for the room and assisting the community in the room.
We will have 4 dedicated volunteers for each shift.
The shift times are: 
- Thursday 10am - 1pm
- Thursday 1pm - 4pm