Direct Service Volunteering - Volunteer with African World Services

Soupers Sans Stress
(Stress-Free Suppers)

African Services Committee


Wednesday evenings, 4.30-8.30, bi-weekly from late October to mid-March (exact dates TBD)


Volunteer need: 1-2 male, French speaking volunteers per session (ideally committing for all or most of the pilot period). Sessions will be scheduled to avoid coinciding with the winter holidays.


We will offer a dedicated bi-weekly gathering space for French speakers among the young men who make up a substantial proportion of the newly arrived asylum seekers to the city. We hope for the positive outcomes of connection and stress mitigation, as well as resource awareness and access.


We envisage a structured sharing activity with an emphasis on working through internalized stigma that might be causing resistance to accepting more explicit mental health support, followed by free time to socialize, eat, charge devices and/or use the wifi, or just stay in a safe warm space. Volunteers will work with the group facilitator to engage and support members of the group.


Participants will also have the opportunity to receive a mental health screening as part of African Services’  partnership with Columbia’s Mental Wellness Equity Center’s, Project Engage - an initiative that aims to increase access to timely, effective, and culturally relevant mental health care. 

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Wednesday Evening