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Volunteers play a crucial role in the success of Living Islands. Our organization has limited resources and staff, which makes it challenging to accomplish our mission and goals. The help of volunteers is essential to fill these gaps and support their work in the community. Volunteers bring diverse skills and expertise that complement our work, such as education, healthcare, environmental conservation, and cultural preservation. Additionally, volunteers can provide valuable insights into the local community's needs and help develop and implement programs that address those needs. Without volunteers, Living Islands would struggle to achieve its objectives and provide the necessary services to our communities. Your contribution is, therefore, invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Please use the button "Fill in an application" to register as a potential volunteer, and thank you once again for wanting to help our communities!

Kianna Angelo
Executive Director & Founder

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Activity Shifts Start End
Accounting 1
Grant Writing 1

Community Support

Food justice

Activity Shifts Start End
Community Food Trailer 1
Food Distribution 1
Gofish PI 2023 1

General / Undefined

Activity Shifts Start End
Event Logistics (Other) 1


Activity Shifts Start End
Cancer Outreach and Awareness 1
COVID-19 1
Diabetes Prevention 1
Genetic Translator/Interpreter Training 1
Medical Mission 1
Overdose and Addiction 1
Tobacco Prevention 1


Youth Programs

Mission Statement

Living Islands is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization, dedicated to supporting Pacific Islander Communities through cross-cultural education and awareness since 2013.

Living Islands is a Cultural and Educational Network Organization supporting strong Micronesian communities everywhere, by celebrating and advocating for the diverse and unique cultures of the Micronesian people.

We form strong and permanent relations between local and international leaders, stakeholders, and communities through traditional storytelling, cultural research, knowledge sharing, community work, awareness building, and targeted educational programming.

We believe supporting strong communities is the first step towards strong and sustainable societies.