Healthy Living School Volunteer

YMCA Calgary Volunteer Position

Volunteer Title: Healthy Living School Volunteer

Location: Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge/Brookfield YMCA at Seton

Reports To: Morgan Fong

Date of Revision: August 2023

Note: This role has an age requirement of 18+ years with the discretion of the Healthy Living School Supervisor


Healthy Living School is a funded program that is partnered with Calgary Campus/Open Minds. We invite teachers and students from different schools to bring their classrooms to the YMCA to learn about their communities through hands on experiences. The goal of this program is to help students open their minds and give them a clear idea of the role they play in the world around them. They have opportunities to engage with different members of their community to help them learn and be involved.

Your role involves engaging with the students and teacher that participate in this program creating an environment that is positive, inclusive, and safe for all. Healthy Living School volunteers will provide a unique program and engagement experiences for students. This role can also include assisting the Healthy Living School Supervisor with behind the scenes work in program planning for the schools to come.


Time Commitment

This position requires a 10-month commitment. Shifts can be 3 - 6 hours in length and typically scheduled between 8:00am – 3:30pm during the weekday.

Duties and Responsibilities

Health and Safety

  1. Maintain a safe environment by following YMCA Calgary policies and procedures
  2. Build relationships with members, participants, and YMCA staff and volunteers
  3. Communicate with YMCA Staff regarding any situations during your volunteer shift

Program Support

  1. Ensure safety, communication, and a sense of belonging are high priorities.
  2. Manage risks associated with participation in programs.
  3. Support in delivering program activities for students grade 3-12
  4. Work collaboratively with Healthy Living School Supervisor
  5. Deal with minor behavior concerns of the participants in the programs


At YMCA Calgary we ensure our volunteers are a fit based on their strengths, interests, and future goals. The successful candidate will have the following:

  1. Have worked with children or youth in some capacity.
  2. Have an interest in physical literacy.
  3. Able to manage behaviors of students in the programs.
  4. Be comfortable to lead and supervise the program without a supervisor present.


  1. Develop practical leadership skills
  2. Complementary YMCA Calgary membership (after 3-month probation)
  3. Education and professional development opportunities


  1. Clear Police Information Check with a Vulnerable Sector Search (volunteer letter will be provided after interview)
  2. Three references (two professional)
  3. Able to attend and complete required trainings.
  4. Desire to work with youth in multi-functional situations.

Orientation and Training

  1. YBeginnings Orientation
  2. Health, Safety, and Risk Training
  3. Child Safety and Protection Training
  4. Position-specific training
    1. Processes and tools
    2. Expectations
  5. Ongoing training and support