Foster Team

GOAL for this position: 

As a Foster volunteer, you will temporarily provide a safe and nurturing environment for an animal(s) in your home who has a good chance of adoption,

but is either too young, sick, injured, under socialized or emotionally stressed to thrive in the Animal Centre environment.   

The ripple effect of ensuring animals receive the specialized care and love they require to thrive,

will extend far beyond the immediate results of your efforts, to have a lasting impact on their health,

reducing their ability to pick up diseases, reduce their emotional stress and increase their mental well-being.  


Volunteer role: 

  • Follow and respect the care plan established by the medical team.  

  • Including following any dietary restrictions set for the animal.  

  • Administer medications and treatments as required per the care plan.  

  • Follow guidelines for exercise/socialization as per care plan.  

  • Support in the development of good habits by using positive reinforcement techniques. 

  • Transport the animal to and from the animal Centre to attend appointments as needed  

  •  Maintain regular communications with your Foster Coordinator(s).  

  • Report any concerns/issues to the Foster Coordinator(s) immediately.  


Skills requirement: 

  • Previous animal exposure is an asset, especially for medical fostering cases. 

  • Ability to follow infection control measures. 

  • Ability to follow specific care plan directions and cleaning protocols. 

  • Desire to learn animal behaviours and enrichment best practices. 

  • Access to transportation, and computer/internet.  


Personal benefits: 

  • Directly impact the health and well-being of an animal(s) life.  

  • Learn about best practices in animal sheltering environments.  

  • Make like-minded friends, non-furry and furry! 

  • Behind the scenes access to our animal centres. 

  • Access to our knowledgeable staff & wellness resources.  

  • Ability to customize your foster schedule, choose your assignments and update your profile, through our online community. 


Time commitment: 

We recognize your time contribution to being a volunteer. Therefore, we support a customized approach to your foster schedule to best suit your availability.

During our onboarding process, we will capture your availability. We are always looking for individuals who are dependable and responsible.  


Orientation and Training 

Before you start your journey with us, our organization will provide you with the following training: 

  • Infection control and cleaning protocols  

  • Animal handling and behaviours   

  • Training/ information on your animals' needs, such as bottle feeding. 

  • How to access our online community 

  • Fear Free concepts 

  • WHMIS   

  • AODA  

We will indicate which training will be required prior to your commencement, and which training we encourage you to participate in at your earliest convenience.  


Supervision and support 

As a volunteer, you will be supported by animal centre staff and or the Foster Coordinator. This staff partner will provide you with information

for your specific animal, your appointment schedule, and any required feedback or updates.

The Volunteer Development Team will always be available to offer support and guidance

You will also have direct access to our online community, where you can find organizational updates and contact information for your staff partners.