Des Moines Volunteer Program - Community Garden Liaison (Refugee Services)

LSI’s Global Greens agricultural programs coordinate land access, production education and business development training for refugees in the Des Moines metro who want to reconnect with the land.

Some refugee families want to grow food for home consumption. Thanks to partnerships with the City of Des Moines, organizations and private landowners, we help connect refugee families to small garden plots near their homes.

Position Summary

All of our community garden sites can benefit from having an extra bit of support to help maintain the premises and troubleshoot issues that pop up throughout the season. Garden liaisons can be creative with their involvement with the garden. Liaisons can garden on site and be around to provide maintenance support or perhaps grow a demonstration garden and provide training opportunities for gardeners. Liaisons can also take the initiative of starting new gardens. This would include coordinating land usage with land owners, ensuring adequate water access and communicating with LSI to place gardeners into the new garden.

Time Commitment

Liaisons can choose their dates and times to volunteer but need to visit the garden at least once a week and be able to commit to one growing season.