Board Service and Committees - Airdrie Meals on Wheels- Client Liaison

TITLE: CLIENT LIAISON (Director of the Board)

Objectives: Establish and maintain communication between clients, society and vendor.

This position can be shared by 2 volunteers, perhaps working 2 days one week and 3 the next, sharing the workload with your partner.  Or one volunteer interviews new clients and communicates with the kitchen, while the other carries the phone and maintains the records.  It’s up to you.  If you enjoy meeting people, are caring and want to help, consider becoming a Client Liaison for Airdrie Meals on Wheels.  Please read the description below, and see how this key role might work for you.


• Head Client Liaison Committee.

• Attend board meetings.

• Receive client referrals.

• Establish & maintain direct communication with clients and/or family members.

• Completes the Client Assessment and Information form and ensures each client signs a release of information declaration.

• Maintain a file for each client including the number of meals received.

• At month end, informs the secretary and treasurer of the number of meals each client received the previous month.

• Recognize clients’ birthdays.

• Ensure special requirements are communicated to the meal vendor.

• Ensure vendor has a schedule of clients meals.

• Review invoice with meal supplier monthly.

• Carry MOW cell phone to respond to calls as needed until 5:00 pm each day that meals are delivered.

• Place a Fridge magnet on each client’s fridge.

• Resolves situations when neither the client or any contacts can be reached.

• Carry out other duties as outlined in the MOW policies.


• Working knowledge of society bylaws, mission & objectives.

• Good record keeping skills.

• Strong interpersonal skills.

• Ability to deal with clients’ queries and/or complaints.

• Ability to delegate.


Lines of communication:

• Reporting to President and other board members.

• Direct communication with clients and/or family members.

• Direct communication with the vendor.


Time commitment: Average of 15-20 hours per month plus on call 9-5 weekdays.


• Gain experience in building and working with committees.

• Play a key role in shaping MOW’s future.

• Gain experience dealing with the public.

• Satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to the community.

Qualifications Required

  • Time Commitment Must be at least 20 hours per Month