Board Service and Committees - Airdrie Meals on Wheels Society: Client Liaison (Board of Directors)

TITLE: CLIENT LIAISON (Director of the Board)

Objectives: Establish and maintain communication between clients, society and vendor.


  • Heads Client Liaison Committee.
  • Attends board meetings.
  • Receives client referrals.
  • Establishes & maintains direct communication with clients and/or family      members.
  • Completes the Client Assessment and Information form and ensures each client signs a release of information declaration.
  • Maintains file for each client including number of meals received.
  • At month end, informs the secretary and treasurer of the number of meals each client received the previous month.
  • Recognizes clients’ birthdays.
  • Ensures special requirements are communicated to meal vendor.                   
  • Ensures vendor has schedule of clients’ meals.
  • Reviews invoice with meal supplier monthly.
  • Carries MOW cell phone to respond to calls as needed until 5:00 pm each day that meals are delivered.
  • Places a “Guidelines for Clients” magnet on each client’s fridge.
  • Caries out other duties as outlined in the MOW policies.


  • Working knowledge of society bylaws, mission & objectives.
  • Good record keeping skills.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to deal with clients’ queries and/or complaints.                                               
  • Ability to delegate.

Lines of communication:

  • Reports to President and other board members.
  • Direct communication with clients and/or family members.
  • Direct communication with vendor.

Time commitment: Average of 15-20 hours per month.


  • Gain experience in building and working with committees.
  • Play a key role in shaping MOW’s future.
  • Gain experience dealing with the public.
  • Satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to the community.




Name: Sonia Swenson


Phone: 403-980-4016