Board Service and Committees - Airdrie Meals on Wheels Society: Treasurer

TITLE: TREASURER (Society Officer, Director of the Board)

Objectives: To develop and monitor the society’s financial operations. 


  • Attends board meetings.
  • Informs secretary of any outstanding balance on client’s accounts at each month end.
  • Picks up mail (minimum once a week).
  • Prepares Society budget along with other officers.
  • Prepares income/expense statements for board meetings.
  • Performs bank deposits/keeps and balances synoptic of all transactions.
  • Issues cheques to pay all bills / reimburse volunteers.
  • Prepares books for annual audit.
  • Prepares statement of MOW financial position for annual meeting.
  • Prepares charitable and G.S.T. returns for Federal Government.
  • Records donations and sends thank you cards and receipts.
  • Prepares society’s annual return for Province of Alberta Registry.
  • Prepares Veteran Affairs forms for clients’ signature and re-imbursement.
  • Carries out other duties as outlined in the MOW policies.
  • Issues appreciation gift cards, bi-annually, to volunteers.                         


  • Working knowledge of society bylaws, mission & objectives.
  • Good math skills / good with numbers.
  • Comfortable doing accounting and balancing cheque books.
  • A good knowledge of accounting practices and MS Excel
  • A conscientious attitude and an ability to adhere to strict deadlines.

Lines of communication: Reports to President and other board members.       

Time commitment: Average of 20 hours per month.


  • Gain experience in building and working with committees.
  • Play a key role in shaping MOW’s future.
  • Opportunity to network on different levels.
  • Improve meeting management skills.
  • Gain experience that can be used on the job
  • Gain the satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to the community.




Name: Sonia Swenson


Phone: 403-980-4016