Board Service and Committees - Creative Airdrie Society: Social Media Director

About Us:

The Creative Airdrie Society (CAS) was formed in September of 2010 by business leaders and artists.  Our mission is to cultivate a creative life in Airdrie and we do this by acting as the bridge between the community, artists and policy makers.  We want to bring the world to Airdrie and Airdrie to the world.  We meet once a month and have several events and programs that are volunteer run.  We are the organization responsible for putting on ARTember, the Airdrie Mayor’s Night of the Arts Awards and we are looking to launch a new Creative Congress this year.  We have several new director and committee positions available and would like to see them filled by community members that are passionate about their city.  We have multiple roles and positions with small scopes of work that are more easily managed by volunteers.  It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a big impact in our community and we would love to hear from anyone that is interested in either short term or long term projects.  We can best be reached at:

Position: Social Media Director

Creative Airdrie has several social media accounts and would need an individual who is comfortable cross platforms, to strategize and update on a regular basis or schedule.  The intention is to increase followers, promote other programs, thank sponsors and keep stakeholders informed on upcoming events and achievements.  Skills: Photography, Graphic Design, Social Media, Communications and Metrics.

Note: All Terms are 1-2 years




Name: Jennifer Benner


Phone: 403-870-3111