Events and Stewarding - Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta: 11th Annual Life Without Limits Volunteers

The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta is looking for volunteers for our Sept. 16th Life Without Limits Challenge! Spend a fun day at Fish Creek helping out with the breakfast, main event and fun barbeque! Over 500 participants of all ages and abilities take part annually-running, walking, or wheeling on a 5km route in Calgary.

The CPAA relies on volunteers to offer meaningful programs to our members, and if you are interested in contributing to our mission by volunteering please contact Jelena at: 403-219-1574 or by email at:

The Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta (CPAA) is a registered non-profit organization and makes a difference in the community by enriching the lives of people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.


Contact: Jelena Bagaric-Mandic

Phone: 403-219-1574