Board Service and Committees - Airdrie Meals on Wheels- President

PRESIDENT (Society Officer, Director of the Board)


Objectives: The MOW President keeps the Society focused on setting and maintaining its goals.  The President oversees board members and committees, commitments and encourages teamwork.  The President maintains the operation of the Society.


Responsibilities:  • Attends and chairs board meetings.

• Is ex officio member of all committees except Nominating Committee.

• Monitors progress of Society goals and objectives.

• Enforces bylaws.

• Prepares board meeting agendas.

• Serves as the Society spokesperson.

• Recognizes the achievements of members.

• Prepares Society budget with other officers.

• Carries out other duties as outlined in the MOW policies.


Qualifications: • Working knowledge of Society bylaws, mission & objectives.

• Ability to delegate.

• Public speaking ability.

• Leadership skills.

• Ability to communicate effectively.

Lines of communication: • Two-way communication between President & board members.

Time commitment: Average of 10 hours per month.


Benefits: • Gain experience in building and working with committees.

• Opportunity to network on different levels with different organizations.

• Improve meeting management skills.

• Gain experience that can be used on the job.

• Be a mentor to new volunteers.

• Satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to the community.

• Play a key role in shaping MOW’s future.