Befriending/Mentoring - Airdrie Abilities Centre Society: Special Needs Recreational Session Helpers

Airdrie Abilities Centre Society is committed to promote equal opportunities to support and demonstrate the strengths and abilities of person's with special needs.

We accomplish this through:
• Support of all individuals, and to understand that all people have basic needs that must be met.
• To accept all persons for whom they are and to recognize these people have unique abilities. 
• To support independent living with daily living skills that are needed.
• To support individuals who are interested in gaining employment.
• Job search and skill development are part of the employment process, and that the employer pays minimum wage.
• To support individual participation and access to community-based opportunities, i.e. Education, volunteerism, recreation.
• To provide a meeting place for those desiring to make a difference in our community.

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Contact: Wendy or Barb 
Phone: 403-561-1147