Board Service and Committees - Airdrie Meals on Wheels - Vice President

VICE PRESIDENT (Society Officer, Director of the Board)
Objectives: The MOW Vice President assists the President in coordinating and directing committee activities and Society operations.

• Attends board meetings.
• Chairs meetings in the President’s absence.
• Monitors progress of Society goals and objectives.
• Enforces bylaws.
• Manages activities of committees that report directly to Vice President.
• Advises and assists the President. 
• Assumes Presidential role in the absence of the President.
• Prepares Society budget along with other officers.
• Carries out other duties as outlined in the MOW policies.
• Becomes a member of the nominating committee

• Working knowledge of Society bylaws, mission & objectives of MOW.
• Ability to delegate.
• Public speaking ability.
• Leadership skills.
• Ability to communicate effectively.
• Work experience delivering meals as a volunteer.
• Good computer skills an asset.

Lines of communication: • Reports to President and other board members.

Time commitment: Average of 3 hours per month.


• Gain experience in building and working with committees.
   • Play a key role in shaping MOW’s future.
   • Opportunity to network on different levels with different organizations.
   • Improve meeting management skills.
   • Gain experience that can be used on the job.
   • Be a mentor to new volunteers.
   • Satisfaction of making a meaningful contribution to the community.