Making Enrichment Toys

  • This role is very important and have a huge impact on the shelter animals - who doesn't like yummy treats and doing some mental work to get them? (Okay maybe not all of us but many animals do!)
  • A super fun way to help animals out, mental enrichment is just as important as exercise for the animals! How bored would you be, being stuck in a small room all day/night with some interaction with people? You probably at least have a phone or TV or a book to keep your mind busy - the animals need the same. One of the best way to keep the animals busy and tire them out mentally is enrichment toys/puzzles!!  This could be stuffing Kongs, making pupsicles in the summertime, making a chew toy for the small animals and so on! 



  1. Sign up for shifts that you are available for. 
  2. Depending on the # of dogs or small animals, the Kennel Tech will give you a few different options on printed paper of things you could stuff/make that shift.
  3. Gather up all the items you'll need and go to the destination station outside.
  4. Have fun making/stuffing food/toys!
  5. Depending on the day and items made, you may be able to hand them out to the small animals or to the dogs afterwards! Talk to the Kennel Tech on shift to see if this is possible!  



  • Great for anyone! If younger than 19 must have adult supervision with you.
  • No skills needed, just be committed to coming.


  • Minimum of 1-2 hours per week for 6 months after orientation is done.
  • This can be with any volunteer roles and not specifically just one.


  • After you have sent in your application, we will review it and put you on the list for the upcoming orientation.
  • Once we have reached the # of people for the orientation, you and others will be invited to VAS to learn more information and get a tour of the shelter.
  • For your first 'Making Enrichment Food/Toys'  Volunteering shift, you will be paired up with someone (Senior Volunteer or Canine Kennel Supervisor).
  • If you need more paired up volunteering shifts, you absolutely can, just ask the Canine Kennel Supervisor or a Kennel Tech on duty.

Via mobile phone/tablet: APPLICATION TO FILL OUT

Via computer/laptop: APPLICATION TO FILL OUT