Field Volunteer

Field Volunteers are individuals interested in working directly with the young people on Exercise. We welcome people from all backgrounds; you don’t need a ton of experience in the outdoors or working with young people. Before taking part in an exercise, you’ll be given extensive training, both accredited and non-accredited, to ensure you are set up to deliver the best experience possible for our young people.

You will commence your Op Flinders journey as an Assistant Team Leader, learning all the intricacies of our exercises from an experienced Team Leader. From there, you can progress into the Team Leader role, and eventually even into our command team, where you would be responsible for the safe and efficient conduct of an entire Exercise.

The Field Volunteer role can be great for people who find it difficult to commit to volunteering on an ongoing basis. You can choose to do just 1 Exercise per year, a commitment of only 12 days (not including training).