Finish Line - Yard District 23rd Street and City Center - Finish Line - 5K & Nautical Mile - City Center - Saturday, March 2, 2024

Be there, at "City Center", as runners complete their goal of finishing the 5K and Nautical Mile! You will assist the race management team in the finish chute by handing out food, water, and medals to the finishing runners!

If you are an experienced runner, then you know that a great finish is just as important as a smooth start!  Come reward the finishing runners with their medals and help them to recover by providing them with food and water at City Center!

Minimum Age to Participate : You must be old enough to act responsibly and minors must volunteer with a parent or guardian.

Inclement Weather Details: All events are rain, snow, or shine, so dress appropriately.

Technical Requirements: Training and information will be provided by race management.

Wavier Details: All volunteers must agree to the terms and conditions of USA Track & Field, Inc.

Qualifications Required

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