Indy Library Store Material Processing (age 14+)

Location: Library Services Center, 2450 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208


Time Commitment: Volunteer work sessions are held on most Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons and evenings. The number of days and amount of time you work is up to you. Many volunteers choose one 4-hour work session a week; others work more.


Summary: Bookstore volunteers enhance the work of Indy Library Store and the Library by helping dispose of discarded, donated, and unwanted materials to create a fundraising opportunity for The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation. You may choose to volunteer on an ongoing basis during designated work sessions, opt to work during the store’s regular public sales, or both. The bookstore is closed to the public except during times of publicized book sales. There is no interaction with the public during volunteer work sessions.


Position Description: For details about this activity please see the Booksale Volunteer Position Description