General Corps Volunteer - Maintenance Custodian

We need your help keeping our Corps looking and operating at its best!

As a Maintenance Custodian, you will provide regular maintenance and property inspections, solve small problems/repairs, bring any problems, issues to the officers' attention. Duties may include general handywork, vacuuming, emptying wastebaskets, cleaning bathrooms, and cleaning up after served meals. 

Activity has no schedule Volunteer reports to the corps officers. Requires a few hours a week or 4 hrs. a day Mo-Fri. Supervised by Volunteer Coordinator and/or the SA officers.

The best candidate for this opportunity is an adult, (age 18 and up). We would love to have a volunteer who is strong and assertive, who can lift 30 pounds.

Qualifications Required

  • How much can you lift comfortably? Must be at least 20lbs