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Cooleman Ridge ParkCare

Cooleman Ridge is situated between Chapman and Kambah, and enjoys extensive views north to the city, and west to the Brindabellas.
The Cooleman Ridge Parkcare Group has been actively caring for Cooleman Ridge in Weston Creek since 1991. We currently focus on removing the exotic species to allow our local species to thrive.

Our group weeding meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month, and another small group meets every Friday morning. Some of our group organise informal weeding parties at other times, and we perform Water Watch monitoring each month.

Our newsletter is published monthly, and is available on our website. It contains details of our activities, information about the next work party, and other information of botanical or historical interest.

We welcome all volunteers to either assist us in removing our invasive exotic plants, or to offer other services in which they are interested.
Contact us on:

Note- Please contact admin@coolemanridge for details about the meeting locations and further information about the activity (and to let them know to keep an eye out for you!).

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Sunday Afternoon