ParkCare Visitor Assist - Developing activity content- scats and tracks.

Developing activity content- scats and tracks.

We are developing a new volunteer guided activity that we hope to offer on regular weekends. One component of this new interpretive tour will be a “hands on” opportunity for children to learn about and identify the tracks of animals likely to be found within the reserve and their scat identification. We are seeking a small team of creative thinkers to help research, gather the materials needed and to write a script to assist volunteers in delivering this fun event.

If you are keen to gather scat, make tracks in sand and think “outside of the box” to make this a really awesome experience for kids-then we need you!

If you are interested please sign up for this activity. We will then set a date to talk you through the activity content, key messages, aims and objectives. Then it’s all about having fun and collaborating your ideas and creativity.