ParkCare Patch - Friends of Tidbinbilla

Friends of Tidbinbilla

New volunteers are welcome to join the Friends of Tidbinbilla on their fortnightly work parties which include water quality monitoring, track maintenance and rabbit warren mapping.

This is a very easy going Patch group with their own tools and equipment so all you'll need to bring along is sun protection and water.

The Friends of Tidbinbilla meet at 10am at the Tidbinbilla Ranger Depot (PCS Depot within Tidbinbilla) and please make sure you get in contact with the Friends of Tidbinbilla to let them know you're coming!


 Friends of Tidbinbilla - 2018 Update

Another year of weeding gone. FoT had a few hiccups with our work plan this year, with some key staff changes and temporary secondments. Currently we are putting together our 2019 work plan, and hopefully next wear will run a bit smoother.

We have continued with our monthly Water watch; our bottom site, as the river leaves the reserve and flows into farm land, has been dry a good part of the year. Usually it is dry over summer, but this year has been unusual, and we are keen to see if this pattern continues.

I guess one of our more memorable events for the year was recently when Kai and Millie took us to the browse plantation (bet you thought they just grabbed food for those koalas just anywhere didn’t you?) out the back of the reserve to focus on removing chicken wire tree guards and some elderberry trees, as well as poisoning of St John’s Wort and blackberries. We went on a wild 4wd trip through Gibraltar Pines – took ages for our legs to stop wobbling!

We ran a night of Frog watch monitoring again, and again, we were lucky to see 3 Peron’s tree frogs. Connor hunted through some tea tree for some time searching for the source of a very close frog calls, only to finally find it right next to his head.

Our labour is starting to see fruit in a few areas, the Knotweed at Rock Valley is all but gone, and the Verbascum at Turkey Hill is looking much better.

The St John’s Wort, like everywhere, is having a good season.

We would like to thank Tom, Murray, Mim, Rocky, Travis, Kai and Millie for working with us this year.