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Mount Pleasant ParkCare


You are welcome to join in the Mount Pleasant ParkCare monthly activities. We carry out bush regeneration work within the Mount Pleasant Reserve on the 3rd Sunday of each month, except for December.  Working bees usually run from 9am - 11:30am, followed by a coffee. You will be involved in supporting the preservation and conservation of a vital ecosystem and recreational resource.


Meet: At noticeboard at end of laneway next to 56 Vasey Cres


Please reply to if you can attend.

Location: Meet at noticeboard at end of laneway next to 56 Vasey Cres


Note: Children under 16 years must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult. Work parties will be cancelled by email (if possible) if: a) the forecast is for > 35 deg C, b) it is a total fire ban day, c) there is lightning, or d) there is heavy rain.


You might be interested to know that a new bench seat has been installed at the top of the Rocky Knob behind 46 Vasey Cres on Mount Pleasant.


It’s not immediately visible from the fire trail, but is located at the top of the Knob close to a couple of yellow-marked concrete poles.  The seat faces almost due south, with a splendid view south over Jerrabomberra Wetlands, the Lake and Kings Avenue bridge.


We look forward to seeing you at one of our work parties!



Mount Pleasant ParkCare


The Mt Pleasant group started five years ago with a great flourish.  Our first target was Cootamundra wattles, nicely visible and all over the reserve.  18 months later we’d taken out about 1500 wattles and stood back satisfied: job done. 

Then we discovered the vinca, blackberry, privet, ash, St John’s Wort, Patterson’s Curse, serrated tussock, argaves, bamboo, grevillea and others.  Job perhaps not so done.

Since then a regular series of working parties has tackled these issues, putting out spot fires of weed outbreaks across the reserve.  Our third-Sunday-every-month group has fought a series of rearguard actions against the more obvious and manageable weeds.

The group has been boosted by some recent members, a couple recruited through a new local community newsletter, others who had seen us in action on the reserve.

Two months ago we were joined by 50 cadets from ADFA, overseas students from 13 different countries who joined us for the morning.  This was organised by Suwit Srisuwan, a third-year cadet from Thailand.  Apparently all cadet leaders are expected to organise a contribution to the community as part of their training.

It certainly cheered up the locals as the army walked down the hill.  Rangers Alison nand Marty brought out the trailer so there was enough gear to go round.  We divided the cadets into groups of three, one armed with a saw, one with loppers and the third with spray; and set them to work on the grevillea.

The grevillea was multiplying rapidly at the southern end of the reserve, a gorgeous plant but threatening to swamp the natural vegetation.  The bulk of it has been removed, but not without controversy.  One local resident demanded to know what we were doing and who authorised taking out these bushes, and wanted to take the matter up with rangers.

We still have big problems in our area.  There are swathes of vinca and St John’s Wort is out of control.  Blackberry is a constant challenge.  A professional unit organised by the rangers has sprayed out serrated tussock, but other weeds will have to wait their turn.

One special challenge for our area is that it is long and thin, and many houses back on to the reserve.  This multiplies the opportunity for weeds to jump the fence and means Mt Pleasant will never be completely free of weeds.

Toss Gascoigne


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