ParkCare Wildlife Assist - Long-Term Tracking of Billa

Billa the koala joey has been successfully released into the Eucalypt Forest and is now happily living life as a free-range koala!

The Wildlife Team would like to keep tabs on him so we know where he is hanging out and luckily he has a special ear-tag that we can track him with.

We would like a volunteer to track him once a week for four weeks and then once a fortnight until September. This is 10 tracking sessions in total.

We're looking for one or two volunteers that can commit to at least 5 sessions (all 10 would be amazing!). It takes a bit of time to learn how to use the tracking device so having the same person come out each time would be ideal.

Once we've taught you what you need to know you would be working independently out in the Eucalypt Forest. The tracking each time shouldn't take more than an hour. If you find Billa low down in the trees we will try to catch him and perform a health check, which you would get to watch.

Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Tuesday Morning