ParkCare Patch - Farrer Ridge ParkCare Work Activity

Farrer Ridge ParkCare is a group of volunteers who meet once a month at the Athlon Parks Depot off Athllon Drive (just up the hill from the Athllon/ Sulwood drive roundabout).


Volunteers have been working on Farrer Ridge Nature Park, since 1989 and welcome new volunteers into their team.




Meet at Athllon Depot, usually on first Sunday of the month, but note some changes this year.

Summer start 8:30 am, rest, 10 am-12 noon

Feb 4     

April 8    


June 3            June 3-  10 am: Clear more woody weeds and Verbascum.


July 1            July 1-  10 am: Assess & remove weeds in area. Any track maintenance.


Aug 5            Aug 5- 10 am: Weed removal on assessed sites, and check any woody weeds in gullies. Check erosion sites.


Sept 9           Sept 9-  (Note Fathers’ Day is 2rd Sept) 10 am: Weed assessment, and removal.


Sept 23         Sept 23- Spring Wildflower guided Walk. Indigenous plant use.


Oct 7             Oct 7-  10 am: GPS any special plant sites: Check orchid sites. Weed removal.


Nov 4            Nov 4- 10 am: Assess woody weeds at back of Farrer houses. Weed removal.


Dec 2             Dec 2- 8:30 am Continue weed control especially any bushfire fuel management.


Farrer Ridge ParkCare next work activity is on Sunday 1st July, starting at 10 am.

We need to continue to eradicate the infestation of Verbascum on Farrer Hill.

We made a huge impact last time, and if we can clear that area at the rosette stage, it should make a big difference.


We could clear the eroded material above the logs along the track, so any rain water flows away from the track, as we have done before at this time of year.


Schedule Summary

This activity generally occurs on

  • Sunday Morning