ParkCare Ranger Assist - The Great Bunny Burrow Search of 2019

The Great Bunny Burrow Search of 2019

Site 2- Mount Ainslie Reserve


Rabbits are an introduced pest who negatively impact our local nature reserves and parks by creating erosion, promoting weeds and competing with our native animals for food. This means they are capable of dramatically altering the ecosystems in reserves and parks. You might have even seen evidence of their burrows in your local nature reserve?

ACT Parks and Conservation Service run an annual Vertebrate Pest Operational Plan which includes using integrated pest management strategies to minimise the impact of rabbits to our local reserves.

The Great Bunny Burrow Search will include a number of events where participants will work with PCS staff to strategically walk through a transect of the reserve and map any identified rabbit warrens. We will be using GPS technology available through smart phones and mapping warrens on the Collector App.

This survey and mapping of burrows will provide essential information on:

  • Efficiency of previous pest management
  • Location of burrows to be targeted in upcoming operations
  • Population trends in our reserves

We are looking for volunteers who are able to walk on uneven terrain and use a mobile phone to map active burrows. All you need to do is download the 'Collector' app on your phone, and we will provide all training on the day.

Make sure you bring along a hat, water, long sleeves and pants and wear sturdy shoes.

Location- Mount Ainslie Reserve

Meet- Reserve gate on Phillip Avenue, Ainslie

Parking- Carpark on Kellaway St 

Date: Wednesday 27 Feb and Wednesday 6 March 

Time- 9:00am-12:00pm