ParkCare Patch - Urambi Hills ParkCare Group

We are looking for volunteers to assist the Urambi Hills ParkCare Group!

Join a really lovely group of volunteers as they carry out erosion control, weeding, tree planting and erosion work. First time volunteers are welcome to attend and you're welcome to bring the kids too!

Please bring gloves, covered shoes, a hat and water.

The meeting point is at the Meredith Cct entrance to Urambi Hills, Kambah

This week we will be watering and bird surveying - walk from Meredith Cct entrance stopping at Meredith planting to water, then through pyrocantha to water, back via bird monitoring sites to cars. BYO bucket, gloves, binoculars (the Group now has one pair) Muffins provided.


Why must we water? It is so bone dry! The ground is very hydrophobic so the rain we've had isn't doing much. We really need to get those seedlings established and this is the boring and patient work we need to do. 


The bird survey is critical so we've got a baseline to measure against as the shrub layer grows.

For more information, check out the Facebook site for this group.