ParkCare Patch - Urambi Hills ParkCare Group

We are looking for volunteers to assist the Urambi Hills ParkCare Group!

Join a really lovely group of volunteers as they carry out erosion control, weeding, tree planting and erosion work. First time volunteers are welcome to attend and you're welcome to bring the kids too!

Please bring gloves, covered shoes, a hat and water.

The meeting point is at the Meredith Cct entrance to Urambi Hills, Kambah

For more information, check out the Facebook site for this group.


Schedule Summary

This activity has the following schedule

Date Start Time End Time
Sunday, July 29, 2018 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
Sunday, September 30, 2018 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
Sunday, October 28, 2018 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
Sunday, November 25, 2018 9:00 AM 12:00 PM